Crop circle from 23rd August 2013 – ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE THROUGH DREAMING

Crop circle from 23rd August 2013 –

An interpretation of this crop circle according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin


This crop circle appeared on August 23, 2013 in Cooks Plantation, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Its diameter is about 140 meters!! More photos are published here:

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin August 23 was a day with the Solar Seal Planetary Human (Human with the Tone 10) and the image in the centre is like the face of a human.

The crop circle appeared during the wavespell of the Night (August 14 – August 26, 2013). A wavespell is a cycle of 13 days, from Tone 1 to Tone 13.  Several elements typical for the Planetary Human and for the Night are depicted on the crop circle. For those who are not familiar with the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, here some informations about the energies of the day and of the wavespell.

Energies for the day August 23, 2013:

Solar Seal: Planetary Human
Guiding Energy: Sun
Occult Teacher (Hidden Spiritual Support): Moon

Energies for the wavespell of the Night (August 14 – August 26, 2013):

Solar Seal: Night
Supporting Energy: Warrior
Occult Teacher: Mirror

The nose of the human looks like a moon. Just on August 23 began the 2nd Moon, the Second lunar month of the Mayan year, which began on July 26. Each Moon has exactly 28 days. The 2 eyebrows just above the “moon-nose” together with this “moon-nose” symbolize the Second Moon.

The Solar Seal Night means Dreams, Intuition, Abundance.

The human is obviously with closed eyes. In the Wave of the Night (Dreams, Abundance) the human dreams.

The moustaches and the beard consists of 12 columns (pieces) and the Solar Seal “Human” is the 12th Solar Seal.

August 23 is a day with the Tone 10, this is the Tone of the Manifestation.

The energy of the Night is manifesting here through 2 horns of Abundance, depicted on the both sides of the moustaches. On each horn we see 3 small circles, which can symbolize the Solar Seal “Night”, which is the 3rd Solar Seal.

August 23 a day of Portal for Galactic Activation. In such days we have open portals to the higher dimensions. In the outer circle are depicted 13 Portals, open doorways for multidimensional frequencies.

Above the head of the Human we see a sun – Sun is the Guiding Energy of the Planetary Human (Human with the Tone 10).

The Moon (the nose) is the Occult teacher of the Human.

The Human looks like a warrior. The Warrior is the supporting energy of the Solar Seal Night.

The Mirror is the Occult teacher of the Night. Mirror means meditation and we could say, that the human on this crop circle dreams and meditates.

Through the energies of dreaming and meditating the Human can attract abundance.

For better understanding of the energies of the Solar Seal “Night” and the connection between “dreaming” and “abundance”, below I have translated descriptions of the Solar Seal “Night” from a Russian website about the Mayan calendar Tzolkin. As I don’t know English so well, please excuse me for the errors…


You are dreaming. You are living in your dreams and you are transferring your dreams in your life.
You govern both your dreams and your life.

The dreams are the blessed soil, on which the ideas create the ground for abundance.
From the endless abundance of the Eternity the treasures flow in the fields of your life.
You fill the days with abundance from the infinity.

The Source nurtures your intuition and saturates your dreams.

Thanks to the experience you have gained, you enrich the Universe, and the Universe enriches you.

With the energies of the Blue Night you can look in your soul and cognize the worlds of your dreams.

Now you can ask yourself: what it more important – the spiritual or the material?

The Blue Night symbolizes the access to the infinite abundance of the Source of Creation. In accordance with the capabilities of the individual soul is reached the access to the cosmic source and to its infinite abundance.

Look at your dreams as a treasury for the establishment of your life.

Our connection with the spiritual levels happens mainly through the worlds of the dreams, saturated through the cosmic night.

Be in harmony with your Higher Self and let your dreams and visions come to you, without setting limitations for your development.

When you are developing in the unknown world, you receive abundance of ideas. Therefore you like to investigate the worlds.

The blockages have to be put aside. And then the flow of the creative ideas will receive freedom and true impetus.

Night… Now you know that also dark worlds exist.
You have learned the dark worlds, to make your decision and again to rise to the light.

The darkness of the night is not fearful for you, bold walker through the infinite worlds!

You are dreaming in the sleep and in waking. And your dreams come true!
So through you the abundance of the worlds is coming in your life on the Earth, replacing the imperfect worlds.

The abundance of the Universe becomes your driving force.

All wants to be incarnating and using on the Earth.

It depends on you what and how you will implement.

The intuition finds interesting ideas und offers you new ways.

Even a little change of your looking point could reveal to you great abundance. It depends on your spiritual maturity how this abundance will be used.

From the abundance of the Universe you receive all you need for the renewal. The worlds of the scarcity are left behind.

The energy of the abundance caries ideas and the intuition finds for them the best application.

Don’t be afraid of the Unknown.

Hide in the darkness, for you are prepared the biggest treasures of the Light!

Don’t look after wealth in the matter, although it will synchronously appear there as well.

The wealth of the soul is the real worth!