Crop circle from 8 th August 2013: The Galactic Tone 8 -the Tone of Integrity and Harmonizing

Crop circle from 8 th August 2013:

The Galactic Tone 8the Tone of Integrity and Harmonizing

Interpretation for this crop circle according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin


This crop circle appeared on 8-8, August 8, 2013. More pictures can be seen here:

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin 8-8-2013 was a day with the Solar Seal “Red Earth” and with the Galactic Tone 8 !

 Besides, on July 26, 2013, began the Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed, a Year with the Galactic Tone 8!

On the crop circle is depicted a Galaxy in the form of a double spiral, symbolizing the Galactic Tone 8 of the day and of the year.

There are 13 Tones of Creation and the Tone 8 is the Galactic Tone of Integrity and Harmonizing.

For those, who are not familiar with the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, here a short description of the 13 Tones of Creation:

Magnetic Tone (1): Tone of Purpose and Attraction (begins a Wavespell of 13 days, or months, or years etc.)
Lunar Tone (2): Tone of Challenge and Polarity
Electric Tone (3): Tone of Service and Bonding
Self-Existing Tone (4): Tone of Form and Measurement
Overtone Tone (5): Tone of Radiance and Empowerment
Rhythmic Tone (6): Tone of Equality and Balance
Resonant Tone (7): Tone of Attunement and Inspiration

Galactic Tone (8): Tone of Integrity and Harmonizing

Solar Tone (9): Tone of Intention and Realization
Planetary Tone (10): Tone of Manifestation and Perfection
Spectral Tone (11): Tone of Liberation and Releasing
Crystal Tone (12): Tone of Cooperation and Dedication
Cosmic Tone (13): Tone of Presence and Transcendence (ends a Wavespell)

And here a more detailed description of the Galactic Tone 8. The following explanations are from different websites about the Mayan calendar Tzolkin.

Tone 8  – The Galactic Tone of Creation

Key-words: Harmonize  –  Model  –  Integrity

Having explored the distinct resonances carried by subtle vibrations, we can focus on harmonizing – generating a pleasing combination of elements. Whether this means establishing inner harmony, or in relationship with others. Tone 8 calls us to align our conduct with our integrity that we may genuinely model the truths and ideals we believe in.

One definition of the code “integrity” is “ the state of being whole or undivided; completeness.” ( As modelled by the harmonious whole of the galaxy!)

This tone reminds us integrity requires consistency; unwavering adherence to the wisdom and grace of our personal values.

Additionally, harmonization requires not compromise, but pliability – willingness to bend, to meet others, to let go of personal attachments for the greater good. As we each uniquely stand as conduits of Harmony, we act as mutual role-models for one another, inspiring the establishment of Galactic Culture; actualizing the harmonious potential of our global society!

Tone 8, the Galactic Tone of integrity symbolizes harmony between the words, thoughts and actions – between deeds and the high reality, reinforcing loyalty to ourselves.

In this eighth year of the 13-year cycle we ask ourselves to what extent we are living what we believe in.
The Galactic Tone teaches how to build the quality of integrity that is embodied in all of us, thereby increasing the harmony in our lives and in our world.

According to Dr. Jose Argüelles, pioneer of galactic time decodings, July 26, 2013 is initiating a “Galactic Synchronization”. The Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed is marking the start of a vast new cycle in which we may finally comprehend ourselves as creative members of a Galactic whole; a consciously unified microcosm – macrocosm…

Tone 8 calls us to model our integrity to the world.

The key message of Tone 8 is “Do I live what I believe?”

Tone 8 reminds us that the most effective way to inspire positive change in the world is to live by example, showing our communities what is possible by embodying and modeling our deepest values and ideals.

The Galactic Tone calls us to acknowledge that our Earth is a sentient member of a Galactic Whole.

The cycles and codes of the Mayan calendar are meant to entrain us with galactic harmonies of natural time so that we can become increasingly in sync with our highest creative potential as evolving beings.

Part of the mission of the people who utilize this calendar around the world is to generate “Galactic Culture” which Earth as an evolving member of a conscious, galactic community.

The intelligence of the galactic order can reveal itself in infinite ways, from overt communication such as , to subtle pulses of intelligence or knowing that we might recognize as an inner muse that catalyzes our artistic potential and consciousness to flower.

This calendar system teaches us that to be Galactic is to Harmonize.
Nature is Galactic. Earth is Galactic. We are Galactic Citizens!

We have entered into a New Grand Cycle of Planetary Regeneration & Galactic Synchronization. Closed is the cycle of forgetting our infinite interconnectedness with all of Creation.

The Newly Dawning Sixth Sun is emanating new rays of galactic vibrations into our hearts and minds, opening and informing new paths here on Earth.
Let us reclaim both our innocence and our maturity as planetary-galactic citizens. Let us receive the regenerative vibrations of this New Cycle into our cells, our consciousness, our sense of self and reality, that we may be renewed and fortified to be who we are truly are here to be and do what we are truly here to do.

Mother Earth-Gaia is calling us to receive her vibrations and guidance into our hearts and minds that we may consciously embody her wisdom and find new ways to harmonize our Earth-walk, personally and collectively.
Grandmother Galaxy is calling us to open ourselves to her vibrations and inspiration that we may consciously take our places within our larger Home. For we are each living seeds, made of the Earth and Stars, encoded with the intelligence to flower, and together manifest a Planetary Garden endowed with Supreme Cosmic Beauty.

The Door has been opened to a New Time of Planetary Galactic Wholeness.
As equal children of the Universe, we share the same responsibilities and opportunities to bloom into our deepest potential.