Crop circle from June 17, 2014 at Badbury Rings – A “dirigible” for the Uplifting of the Humanity

A “dirigible” for the Uplifting of the Humanity

An interpretation in accordance with the Mayan calendar Tzolkin

This crop circle appeared in Badbury Rings, near Wimborne Minster, Dorset, United Kingdom, on June 17, 2014.
A lot of photos from this crop circle are published here:

I accept the idea of Red Collie, that this crop circle looks like a parachute or like an imaginary “airship”, a dirigible.

In the pictogram I “see” the SUN – the Challenging Energy of the day,
the MOON – the Supporting Energy of the day.

The remaining 10 circles symbolize the Solar Seal of the day – DOG, which is the 10th Solar Seal.

We could also imagine, that these are 10 stars. They are connected through “bridges”, “built” by the WORLDBRIDGER, which is the Guiding Energy of the day.
The White Wind, the Energy of the wavespell, also helps to connect the stars, the worlds and everything. The 10 stars symbolize the Universe.

The Moon is the “gondola’ of our dirigible.

The Sun gives the “hot air” for the dirigible. From the Sun goes upwards a “flow of hot air” in the form of a “funnel”.

The SUN has the following meaning: Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life.

Here the SUN literally delivers Universal Fire for the Uplifting of the airship of the humanity, for our Ascension ;-).

The 2 labyrinths, depicted on the top of the dirigible, symbolize the Central Green Castle of Enchantment with its 4 wavespells of 13 days each. Each labyrinth has 4 loops. The Green Castle is depicted twice, on both sides of the “dirigible”.

So on June 17 we have the Energy of the Wavespell – WIND (the Energy of the Spirit) – and the Energy of the Day – DOG (the Energy of Love)

The energies of the wavespell and of the day: WIND (Spirit), DOG (Love), SUN (Fire), MOON, the Energies of Enchanting from the Green Castle – all these energies together help for the “propulsion” of the airship of the humanity, for our uplifting and Ascension.

On this day with the Tone 9, the Tone of Intention, we have the possibility to declare our Intentions for our future. The Universe is hearing very careful and is ready to answer, to help us to implement our intentions. Especially in the days of the Green Castle of Enchantment, when all kinds of miracles are possible.

The MONKEY is the Occult Teacher (the Hidden Gift) of the DOG.
MONKEY means Game, Magic, Illusion.

The Monkey teaches us, that the Life is a Game, a Miracle. And on the day with the Tone 9, The Tone of Intention, the Monkey teaches us, that through our Intentions we create the Illusion of our Life.

Cordial thanks to MrGyro for the amazing pictures of this crop circle!