Crop circle from 24th August 2014 at Ironwell Lane – HEALING HEART CHAKRA MEDITATION


This beautiful crop circle appeared on 24th August 2014 at Ironwell Lane, near Stroud Green, Essex, UK.


More pictures are published here:

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 24th August 2014 was a day with the Solar Seal “White MIRROR” – Reflection, Infinity, Meditation.

24th August is also the 12th day of the Blue Hand Wavespell. The energy Blue Hand means Knowledge, Accomplishment, HEALING.

The big circle on the pictogram depicts a Mirror, which gives us the feeling of Infinity.

The figure, depicted on the pictogram, is a figure of a human, in the typical Lotus meditation pose for meditation. The outer circle of the figure is the body of the human and the inner circle is the heart chakra. The creators of the crop circle point out that this day is very suitable for a healing meditation, for example with focus on the heart chakra.


Besides, the horned moon together with the two circles above it, expresses also the fact, that 24th August is the 2nd day of the Second Moon – the Second lunar month of the new Galactic year of the Red Solar Moon, which began on 26th July 2014.

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