Crop circle from 18th July 2014 at Ammersee, Germany – BIRTHING the New Reality

BIRTHING the New Reality

This crop circle has appeared on July 18, 2014, at Ammersee inGermany.


More pictures can be seen here:

The crop circle has appeared on the first day of the new Galactic Module Tzolkin, which begins with the Red Dragon Wavespell.

A Wavespell is a cycle of 13 days, from Tone 1 to Tone 13.

The Red Dragon Wavespell continues from July 18 till July 30, 2014.

Below you can find a short description of the Solar Seal “Red Dragon” which has following qualities: Source of life, breakthrough, divine nurturance & support, receptivity, primordial Mother, undivided primal waters, primal trust and nourishment, BIRTH.

A fragment of this description:

”Red Dragon represents the ENERGY MATRIX LINES that look like a web in the universe, through which all points are connected in time and space. This ENERGETIC WEB of communication is known as the ‘CRYSTAL GRID NETWORK.’”

This energy matrix, this crystal grid network is symbolically depicted on the pictogram.

And the three circles in the center look like the face of a monkey. The BLUE MONKEY is the Challenging Energy of the Red Dragon. TheBLUE MONKEY reminds us, that the Life is a Game, a Magic, an Illusion.

This crop circle comes to remind us that during the Red Dragon Wavespell, which is the First wavespell of Tzolkin, we have the possibility through our THOUGHTS, DREAMS, VISUALIZATIONS, MEDITATIONS, PRAYERS, WISHES etc. to create, to BIRTH the new “crystal grid network” – the basis for the NEW REALITY, which we want to be manifested for us in the next 260 days of the New Galactic Module TZOLKIN.


Red Dragon represents the root, the nurturance and support of primary being, and within it are found the primal waters of unity. This is where your deepest roots receive true nourishment. Red Dragon is the energy of form contained within the formlessness of the primordial sea.

The universe is an inseparable whole. Red Dragon represents theenergy matrix lines that look like a web in the universe, through which all points are connected in time and space. This energetic web of communication is known as the ‘crystal grid network.’ It is a cauldron of creation, a potent field in which all things are not only possible but constantly being created. Within this grid, the linear causality of time and space has been freed into an open system in which all time and all space exist and interact simultaneously. This grid connects the larger holograms of reality with our own. Its energy lines connect all places, times and events – even those that are seemingly unrelated. All phenomena and all actions are part of this larger whole; it is the very foundation for telepathy and synchronicity. Red Dragon embodies unity, in which all things are one with the Source.


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