Crop circle from 16th August 2014 at Nettle Hill – HEALING and TRANSFORMATION


This amazing crop circle appeared on August 16, 2014 at Nettle Hill, Warwickshire, UK.crop circle3


A lot of pictures can be seen here:

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 16th August 2014 is a day with the Solar Seal WHITE DOG and with the Tone 4.

16th August 2014 is the 4th day of the BLUE HAND Wavespell, which continues till 25th August 2014.

On the pictogram are depicted symbolically through figures, signs or numbers the following energies of the day and of the wavespell:

WHITE DOG – Love, Heart, Devotion

BLUE HAND – Knowledge, Accomplishment, HEALING – Solar Seal No. 7

YELLOW SUN – Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire – the Balancing Energy of the WHITE DOG

RED EARTH – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization – the Balancing Energy of the BLUE HAND

YELLOW HUMAN – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom – Solar Seal No. 12 – Supporting Energy of the BLUE HAND

WHITE WIZARD – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment – Solar Seal No. 14 – Occult Teacher of the BLUE HAND

WHITE WORLDBRIDGER – Solar Seal No. 6 – Guiding Energy of the WHITE DOG with Tone 4

16th August 2014 is a day with the Tone 4, this is the Self-existing Tone of the Form. Here some “functions” of Tone 4:

Creating of the Elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Synchronization with the 4 directions: East, Nord, West, South.

The Energy, which is in Tone 4, forms the structure of the Wavespell, it also shows the target of the Wavespell.

And on the pictogram is represented the structure of the Blue Hand Wavespell and it also shows the target of this Wavespell!

In the centre of the pictogram is depicted an “Eye”, which symbolize the Sun. According to the Mayas, we receive all energies from the centre of our Galaxy, they call it Hunab-Ku. Our Sun retransmits these energies to the Earth.

The “eyelashes” of the “eye” represent the energies, which the Sun sends to the Earth during the Blue Hand Wavespell.

The numbers of the “eyelashes” under and above the “eye” are as follows:

6 + 6 = 12

7 + 7 = 14

The sum is:

14 + 12 = 26

These numbers stay for following energies:

7 – Solar Seal 7 – BLUE HAND
12 – Solar Seal 12 – Yellow Human
14 – Solar Seal 14 – White Wizard
6 – Solar Seal 6 – White Worldbridger

26 – Kin 26 – White Worldbridger, again

Round the Sun is depicted the globe, the Earth, divided in 4 segments, which symbolize the 4 Directions and the 4 Elements.

Meaning of the colors in the names of the energies and their connection with the 4 Directions and the 4 Elements:

RED – EAST – Initiation – Element EARTH
WHITE – NORD – Refinement – Element AIR
BLUE – WEST – Transformation – Element WATER
YELLOW – SOUTH – Ripening – Element FIRE

The Energy of the day, WHITE DOG – “Love, Heart, Devotion” – which is the form-building energy of the Wavespell, is depicted on the pictogram through 24 hearts, united in a ring round the globe. A wonderful symbolism! A chain of UNITED HEARTS – it looks magnificent !!

Even when we look at the pictogram without to rotate it, we see the united hearts in the lower part of the chain, and in the upper part of the chain we see the hearts as well. Incredible!!


The hearts are intentionally depicted so, as if they are crystalline hearts! The new cosmic energies transform our cells in crystalline structures, which can absorb more light and so the crystal light body is building.

The united hearts remind us, that when the people are united, the assimilation of the cosmic energies is more easier and successful. The energies are transmitted in the circle from heart to heart, so are intensified and a resonance circle is built.

Out of the big crop circle we see a very small singular circle. Perhaps it symbolize a single human, who has isolated himself from the others and perhaps is thinking, that he could individually achieve Enlightenment and Ascension.

And so, the healing energies of the Blue Hand and the energies of Love fill the hearts of the people who are united.

Healing through the Energy of Love, and with the Energy of the United Hearts!!

In the next ring we see 24 bright figures with the form of crystals.
In Tzolkin, Kin 24 stays for Yellow Seed with the Tone 11.

The Yellow Seed means “Awareness, Target, Flowering”.

The Tone 11 is the Tone of Liberation – liberation from any blockades.

The development of the Yellow Seed is the main program in the Red Castle, which is the first Castle in Tzolkin.

The Red Castle is from Kin 1 to Kin 52, in this year from 18th July till 7th September 2014.

The Yellow Seeds are the people.

The people of the world, with crystal light bodies, united in a circle round the globe. United through the Energy of Love.

These figures show the target of the Blue Hand Wavespell: healed and transformed through the energies of the wavespell, the people are with crystalline light bodies.

And the people begin to radiate Light!

The bodies of the people looks like SUN RAYS !!

The outer ring of 24 figures looks like a big SUN!!

The YELLOW SUN is the last, 20th Solar Seal, and means Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire. It symbolize the last stage in the development of the consciousness of the human on Earth.

My cordial thanks to the creators of this crop circle, which is a real masterpiece!!
A special thanks also to all photographers for the amazing pictures of the crop circles!!


Photo credit: Steve Alexander

One thought on “Crop circle from 16th August 2014 at Nettle Hill – HEALING and TRANSFORMATION

  1. The appearance of the cropcircle The White Dog kin 30 is a polar kin, converting the white galactic spectrum. on this Dali day 22, moon 1, 27 years ago the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was celebrated!

    On kin 28, Limi 20 moon 1, Lunar Star, the 144 Days of Star Remembrance that started on Kin 144, Magnetic Seed, were completed. The challenge in these days were, how and in what measure we could elevate our proper frequency, through the intensification of our practice (and study) of the Synchronic Order, and in particular, of the cycle of 13 Days.
    144 = 11 x 13 PLUS 1 day.
    It is noted here, on this the second day of the Blue Hand wavespell, Aplha 19, moon 1, that the new codes of Planetary Healing and Accomplishment are actually starting.

    On kin 29, Red Electric Moon, the 812 days to Solar Consciousness start their count on to their completion on the end of the 29th cycle of 28 days
    (29 x 28 = 812), 8 Sun, kin 60, birth signature of Pacal Votan. November 4, 2016, Spectral Storm Year on Self Existing Moon 18. ((this year, moon 4, day 18 falls on the 82th day of the 812 days cycle, Rhytmic Dog kin 110, key to the Divine Feminine Matrix.)

    Kin 30 then, brings us the gift of the cropcircle. Gebo, the gift, ripens the Throne…
    “I define in order to Love, measuring LOYALTY with the self existing tone of FORM;guided by the power of the WorldBridger”
    Studying the Synchronotron for this day, we find the Master Coordinating TFI being the number 1414, and the Kin equivalent,
    kin 114, Planetary Wizard, coded by the number 14 and the tone 10. The occult power of this mystic wizard is 4 Hand …
    14 + 10= 24. 14+14=28. second day of the first of 29 cycles of 28 days.

    Kin 30 + Kin 144 = KIN 144, yellow magnetic Seed. (This year, moon 5 week 4, Gamma 24 , gregorian on the 8th of decmber, 12.8 2014;)
    Of course, the Occult Power of the Magnetic seed is the Cosmic Earth. Coming up on 11/11.
    144, day Kin + TFI Kin Equivalent, 13×11=143 + 1 factor….
    in the “eyelashes”, there can be counted the 11 (upper) and the 13 (under)
    The “eye” being the Seed.

    In the cropcircle, the number 24 is repeated around the center, forming spaces, forming hearts.
    6 x 24= 144, – representing the daily kin’s Guide Worldbridger
    4x 36=144, and 12 X12= 144, and 8×18=144, 9×16 =144…
    the combination of Love from the heart form (white dog 4) and Timelessness’ manifestation and perfection (planetary wizard) is giving us multiple number codes to be inspired by!
    4+10, 4+10, Master Coordinating TFI 1414; master coordinating BMU 91, V20H10, on the Holomind Perceiver: 6th time dimension, cicuit 2 Venus…(+2)
    Second magnitude transformator-insulator unit of the blue Duar luminic force field activates 6th mental sphere: sublimal conscious…

    Lets use this gift the power if the Dog, connected with the Mission of Awareness of the Magnetic Seed, sustained by the occult power of Cosmic Earth… in partnership with the Mystic TimeWizard.

    Solar sun, in planetary Service in this Wavespell of the Magnetic Human, on this day Kali 11, moon 4: Kin 103,
    Master coordinating TFI 1390, Kin equivalent 90, Spectral Dog;
    which can be found through the addictions of the
    Time TFI kin eq.260, Cosmic Sun,
    Space TFI kin eq.253, Rhytmic Skywalker,
    Synchronic TFI kin eQ.97, Rhytmic Earth.

    Psi Kin: Solar Dragon. Warrior cube: Serpent 5; Rune: ING, the fertility…

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