Crop Circles 2014


Crop circle from 29th August 2014 at Ark Lane –    Enlightenment and Ascension in the Yellow Sun Wavespell




Crop circle from 24th August 2014 at Ironwell Lane – HEALING HEART CHAKRA MEDITATION



Crop circle from 22nd August 2014 at Ackling Dyke – From the Yellow Seed grows the Yellow Warrior


Crop circle from 16th August 2014 at Nettle Hill – HEALING and TRANSFORMATION



Crop circle from 13th August 2014 at Gussage St Andrews – Powerful Energies for Healing and Transformation


Crop circle from 5th August 2014 at Cow Down – DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM




Crop circle from 24th July 2014 at Sutton Hall – The Red Moon and the opening of the Third Eye


Crop circle from 18th July 2014 at Ammersee, Germany – BIRTHING the New Reality





Crop circle from July 8-9, 2014 in Wiltshire, UK – SEED and MOON

Crop circle from 8th July 2014 at Tetbury Lane – THE ENERGIES OF LOVE and JOY



Crop circle from 29th June 2014 at Ackling Dyke – We all are Galactic Seeds



Crop circle from June 1, 2014 in Hod Hill – The Green Central Castle of Enchantment

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